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Grace Presbytery » Occasional Supply List

Occasional Supply List

Occasional Supply List Form

The Book of Order mandates: those who are to preach the Word shall be Teaching Elders (ministers of the Word and Sacrament) or other people authorized by Presbytery to be invited by a session to preach. (W.2.2007) Therefore, the Committee on Ministry of Grace Presbytery has established these guidelines.

Men and women may be placed on Grace Presbytery’s Occasional Supply List in the following categories:

A.  Teaching Elders (Ministers of Word and Sacrament) who are also members in good standing of Grace Presbytery and who want to serve by preaching in the pulpits of Grace Presbytery. They will be asked to complete Occasional Supply List Form.

B.  Ruling Elders of churches in Grace Presbytery. They will complete Occasional Supply List Form, and include a letter of endorsement from their session.

C.  Candidates under care of Grace Presbytery.   They will complete Occasional Supply List Form, which requires the endorsement of their Committee on Preparation for Ministry.  The moderator of CPM may send an email approval.

D. Commissioned Ruling Elders of Grace Presbytery. They will complete Occasional Supply List Form, which requires letter of endorsement or email approval from Grace Presbytery Staff.

E.  Teaching Elder (Minister of Word and Sacrament), minister member of another PCUSA presbytery which requires endorsement by Grace Presbytery Staff.


Occasional Supply List Form

When completed forms are received, the Temporary Relations Committee (TRC) will forward to COM recommendations of approval/disapproval for each applicant. The COM will be the body that places/denies/removes an applicant from the Occasional Supply List. A person who is asked to fill a pulpit of a church that has an active PNC, APNC, DPNC, or Committee of the Session looking for a Stated Supply, Temporary Supply, or Interim, ordinarily may fill the pulpit only once if that individual has any interest in being considered for any of the aforementioned positions.  

COM recommends compensation of $125 per Sunday, ($200 for two services) plus current IRS rate for travel.

The list is available upon request to all churches and updated throughout the year. Contact the Committee on Ministry at