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Grace Presbytery » Committee on Ministry

Committee on Ministry

Compensation Forms

Changes in Terms of Call for 2018
Form A – New Installed Teaching Elders Terms of Call
Form B – Annual Report for Installed Teaching Elders Terms of Call
Form C – New Positions for Other Teaching Elders Terms of Call
Form D – Changes-Extensions for Other Teaching Elders Terms of Call
Explanation of Terms

Validated Ministry

Form E1 – Non-Parish Teaching Elder Questionnaire 2018
Form E2 – Non-Parish Teaching Elder Compensation 2018
Form E3 – Renewal of Validated Position Questionnaire
Grace Validated Ministry Criteria 2018

Information Forms

Personal Information Forms
Ministry Information Forms

Search Process

Congregational Mtg Report – PNC
Search Process Evaluation


Form F – Ordination Installation Commission

Quarterly & Annual Report Forms

Interim Pastor Quarterly Report
Feedback Regarding Our Interim Pastor and Our Shared Ministry
Annual Report (Stated, Temporary, Designated, & CRE)


Request to Dissolve Pastoral Relationship
Terms of Dissolution
Dissolution of Temporary Pastor
Congregational Mtg Report – Dissolution of Call


Temporary Leadership Request Form
Interim Pastor Responsibilities
Interim Associate Pastor Responsibilities
Clergy Sexual Misconduct Guidelines
Pastor Courtesy Guidelines
Occasional Supply List Form