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Grace Presbytery » Congregational Mission Study

Congregational Mission Study


Guidelines for selecting a Congregational Mission Study Team

Who Does a Congregation’s Mission Study?

A mission study is vital to a congregation’s future, and should be done by a select group of members of the congregation with diverse experiences and skills appointed by the Session. 


The Session may:

• Appoint itself to do this study (not ordinarily recommended)
• Appoint an already existing group, such as a strategic planning committee
• Appoint a Mission Study Team specifically for the purpose of gathering data and leading the congregation in its mission study process


Makeup of the Mission Study Team

In appointing members of the Mission Study Team, the Session should ordinarily consider:
• A team of three to five members
• Balanced in gender
• Representative of all ages in the congregation, including youth
• One member from the Session and one from the Diaconate (if there is one).


The following criteria should be considered for those asked to serve in this important task:
• A person with competency in English composition (a wordsmith)
• A person who is a good writer
• A person skilled at using computers and graphics
• A person comfortable with statistical analysis
• Persons with a sense of interplay between past, present and future
• Persons actively involved in worship and ministry
• Persons who are long time and more recent members
• Persons who are visionaries


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