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Grace Presbytery » Church Property Issues

Church Property Issues

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Oil RigIf your congregation is interested in selling, mortgaging, leasing, entering into an oil or gas lease on, or otherwise encumbering the real property of your church, a request needs to be made to the Administrative Commission on Property (ACP) to comply with requirements in the Book of Order (G-8.0500, G-8.0701, G-11.0103, sections i, j, y).

The ACP acts for Grace Presbytery on routine property matters and reports these matters to the Presbytery body at its next stated meeting. The sale of real property used for the purpose of worship requires the vote of the body of Grace Presbytery itself, but is funneled to the Presbytery meeting through this Administrative Commission.

Detailed information on the ACP schedule and requirements can be found in their manual.

The ACP serves the Presbytery by meeting once a month throughout the year if there are requests to be considered. For further information, or to submit a request to them, contact Jan DeVries, General Presbyter, at 214-630-4602; 1-800-678-4502; or email.




Future ACP Meeting Dates

First Wednesday of each month at 1:00 p.m. by teleconference, unless otherwise decided. The final deadline for submission of all required documents and materials is two weeks before the meeting. A church contemplating a transaction that might require ACP action should contact the Commission at least TWO months prior to needing approval, to allow adequate time for review and consultation. A church should not enter into any agreement or take any action on such a matter until the ACP has given approval.

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